Final Game Jam Update & Development Roadmap!

Mushroom Musume was originally created as an entry to a game jam, specifically the PIGSquad June Summer Slow Jam! Since PIGSquad does three jams per summer (and we enjoyed the project a lot!), we decided to spend the entire summer building the game up. It seemed like a fun idea to just make one decently robust game as opposed to three smaller projects, and also Mushroom Musume was designed to be easy to extend - every scene or choice we add just makes the game more replayable, after all.

Here we are now at the start of September, and we just released the final of the three game jam updates (Specifically, this was the 'Final Boss' and 'Dreams and Nightmares' update). This officially marks the last 'game jam' build of the game, but we plan to just keep going! To start, here's an overview of what we added along the way since our initial release...

  • In general, there's a bunch of new in-game events and mushroom girls! I think we've effectively doubled the number of scenes in the game since the first build (if not more), and we've definitely doubled the number of girls!...
  • Look out for animal-themed 🦁 Culinary mushrooms, killer 🗡️ Poison mushrooms, pastel 🌹 Bright mushrooms, gross 🤢 Creepy mushrooms, and slimy 🧈 Magic mushrooms~
  • The structure of the primary game loop is now fully in place - unlock various goals throughout the game, then try your hardest to best them!
  • We've added a Password screen, used to gain unique color palettes and show special scenes!
  • The main screen layout has seen a lot of improvements! It's just Generally Prettier :) There's now an icon of your daughters beautiful face, a season clock to track your progress through the year, and a jukebox which shows the name of the currently playing track! Oh, also... 
  • We have music now! When the game was first released, we had yet to have implemented audio. Since then, we've seen the addition of something like 15 beautiful tracks by our composer, zaozoruzhna! There's a common set of tracks for every game, but some special girls have their own unique theme music too...!
  • (...Incidently, you can hear one of these special themes RIGHT NOW by entering the password 'JULY' on  the password screen, which takes you to a special demo showcasing the scenes and one of  the new girls we had added for the July Summer Slow jam. Themes included: Stealth and Critters!)

And here's a preview of what we're working on next! (Click here if you want the alt text for that)

Plus a bunch of surprises along the way ;) Thank you so far to everyone for playing, and we hope you're enjoying getting to raise strange little daughters!

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I'm so excited about all the new updates!

By the way, is it still possible to get the "Family" ending? I can't seem to get it in the current version, at least not using the same strategy as in previous versions.

I think that it should still be in the game, but you're totally right that it's a little more rare now! The trait that was previously Witchling has been divided and adjusted a little bit, so now there's a slightly different path to getting a Witch Mom.

If you have both the traits 'Loving Parent' and 'Mother', then there may be a bug in the code though! I thought I may have seen that scenario happen on a stream, but I wasn't able to recreate it so I wasn't sure 🤔

I'll keep looking for it then!! :D

No, I haven't been able to get the mother trait at all in the new version, which is why I started wondering if it had been removed or changed. It seems like my old save files aren't compatible anymore, by the way. They will show up in the load screen, but nothing happens if I try to load them. Maybe that's just to be expected though after a big update.

I got the Mother and Loving Parent at the same time (It was a common Blue Truffle, if that helps?)


Its been a joy to follow the development thus far and I cant wait to see what the future holds!