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September's Aesthetics update is out now!

Once upon a time, a lonesome recluse wished for a daughter. A witch overheard their wish, and instead granted them a pot of dirt. Play the role of the hermit as you grow your adoptive child, and discover how many kinds of person (mushroom?) your daughter can be.

~Updated For September!~

Mushroom Musume's Aesthetics update brings numerous changes to the UI and art, along with the addition of new events and challenges.

This update features:

  •  A new Almanac section, the Chroma Collection!
  •  Evocative choice card icons
  •  A new title screen, and other art improvements!
  •  Better difficulty balance
  • Improved seasons along with harsher (and snowier) winters

~Daring mushrooms can seek out challenges about romance, adventure, skeletons, and witches with the addition of some cute and creepy new events!~

Check out the Aesthetics update, available now! More updates, improvements, and fixes are on their way, so give us a follow!


Inspired by titles like Princess Maker and Alter Ego, we were looking to channel the same energy as classic DOS life simulation titles. The game features over a dozen types of mushroom girl with each having their own special qualities that impact the choices you can make.

This game was created for the PIGSquad June 2022 Summer Slow Jam! The themes were 'Character Creator' and 'Unintended Consequences'. We hope you enjoy creating some mushroom daughters... And reaping the consequences!


Note: Mushroom Musume is still in active development! While we're starting to get pretty close to our ideal of a stable, feature-rich, build, we're not quite there yet. As such, there may unfortunately be some instability of save files between versions. This was originally a game jam game, so a lot of work is being put into making the code and systems at play more robust, so please bear with us~! 


Elita, character artist@WieldAdventure on Twitter
Autumn Greenley@AutumnotopiaDev on Twitter
Steph@Omnimouto on Twitter
Andrew Tran@BearLovingNerd on Twitter
Zaozoruzhna, composer@Zaozoruzhna on Twitter
Mortally Moonstruck Games@MortalMoonGames on Twitter

Soundfont Credits:

"Thomas Hammer - HS Strings" ©2016 by Thomas Hammer as licensed under CC BY 4.0
"Alex's GM Soundfont" ©2020 as liscensed under CC Attributed 3.0 Unported
"KBH Real and Swelling Choirs" ©2016 as liscensed under CC Attribution 4.0 International
"Orchestral Battery" ©2017 by E-mu Sound Central as liscensed under CC BY 4.0
"Studio FG460s II Pro Guitar Pack" ©2017 by Mitrofanis George Gemitros as liscensed under CC BY 4.0
"Choir MMMH Female" ©2017 by Xiaosu Du as liscensed under CC BY 4.0

Thanks to Eeve Somepx (itch | Twitter) for our main game font, Compass Pro!


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MushroomMusume-0.22b-pc.zip 176 MB
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I really really love this game! but I’ve run into an issue when I was playing I ended up with a “Fairy cake” mushroom but it doesn’t appear in my Almanac, is there a way to fix this problem? Edit: same problem with “Morel” mushroom


Hi, thanks for the kind comment!

You've happened across a couple of unusual mushrooms, where there is something about their nature you might not have discovered in game. To avoid spoiling the surprise, some mushrooms will not appear in the Mushroom Almanac until you've uncovered their secret...

Thank you for the clarification!

"titillating meal and titillating danger?" I thought i turned safe search on....

Made one of my drivers crash 

Too much shroom

(1 edit)

I love this game but struggle to chose "bad" options because i love the mushrooms too much lol

I love this game so much! However, no matter what options I pick and how good the mushrooms environment is they always become a Little Brown Mushroom. Am I doing something wrong? I'm 5 attempts in and haven't seen any variation, and each time I am sure to make very different choices!

Either way, I'm in love with the style and the interface and the music, the whole package really. Well done

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game!
Having a good environment and quality growing conditions are great for your mushroom, but it sounds like you might be giving your daughters too much. Your daughter needs more experiences to grow up into a healthy woman! Also - if you are running out of resources often, it may leave you with less time to raise her properly.

(More specifically: Little Brown Mushroom happens when your mushroom girl has particularly low stats... something Environment doesn't help with directly.)

hehe I suspected as much. Thank you for the help!!


Lovely Game! I love games with a lot of choices, and it feels like some of them do really impact quite a bit. I wish there was a way to see what I have to do to get some of the different people. I want to fill out the mushroompedia, but I just can't figure out other combinations. A hint system for that would be nice.

Great art and storytelling, you feel really connected to your mushroom.


Great feel and art - was a joy to explore. It's been a while since I played a game that felt like this, and had such wonder to it. Keep it up!

Thank you! It's been a lot of fun creating it!


I really love the game so far, but I keep running into this error screen :(

(3 edits) (+1)

Oh dear! Thank you for the heads up, we've went in and fixed the error (specifically it should be fixed in version 0.16.1 I believe) owo


I loaded my save file and it seems to work perfectly now without any error screens! Thanks for such an awesome game!


Would poison hapless beast with own flesh again, 10/10.

This is a really cool game! I liked the way you create your daughter with your choices and the art is beautiful. Looking forward to any updates!

Thank you!! (ꈍᴗꈍ) We have lots of content and improvements planned for future updates.